Why we shouldn’t put all our faith in science

I did a talk about this subject recently, but some of the points are in this article in Christian Today.

Science is given an authority in our culture that often ignores its limitations – this is potentially dangerous. It’s also referred to by people who don’t understand it. Particularly in the social sciences, there are many opportunities for bias and misunderstanding. Take a look!


2 thoughts on “Why we shouldn’t put all our faith in science

  1. At a deeper level, science itself is based on a whole set of metaphysical presuppositions which, if not true, neither is science. And these presuppositions cannot be evaluated by science as they lie outside its domain. This has worldview -shattering consequences for adherents to Scientism, but most simply ignore this and press on, often ingorantly mixing philosophy with science as they try to overcome science’s limitations. In reality, if we view the set of all knowledge as a gigantic circle, the portion that the scientific method has access to is only a dot inside the circle. Science can legitimately gain the small dot. Nothing more.
    What lies outside the dot? That is deserving of a much longer response than just a comment. Maybe It’s a post that you, Heather, could write for us sometime.
    Thanks for your article!


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