Christian Permaculture Directory

Groups I’ve found in my travels that use permaculture principles while loving the Lord. If you are involved in permaculture-related (environmental, sustainable, regenerative) Christian projects, do contact me with your details too.

Intentional communities:

Pilsdon Community  – (Dorset, UK)

Bewcastle House of Prayer (Cumbria, UK)

Bartimaeus Co-operative Ministries (US)


Community Projects:

Windsor Hill Wood (Somerset, UK)

Journeyman Project (Lincolnshire, UK)


International Development:

Plant with Purpose



Redeeming the Dirt (author of ‘Born Again Dirt’)(US)

The Pantry Book (US)

Sanctus Permaculture (US)

Turning dreams into deeds (US)


Red Kite Permaculture (W Yorks, UK)

The Cultured Home

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