When Christian heroes turn out to be bad guys

I wrote this piece following the shocking news about Jean Vanier’s abusive behaviour – a man who used to be described as a ‘living saint’. Many other Christian leaders have been found wanting in recent years. Such news often deeply discourages us if we were inspired by the good deeds of this person in the past. I wrote this piece arguing that Christian ‘celebrities’ aren’t the best examples of our faith – something I know all too well, as a Christian journalist who interviews them! Instead let’s focus on the people we actually know in the communities we live in.

Let me know what you think…


4 thoughts on “When Christian heroes turn out to be bad guys

  1. Heather, I thought this piece was just excellent. Thank you for the courage to write and the clarity it brings. Sometimes I can be guilty of looking across at people in ministry with more limelight than me, and wondering if there’s something I should be doing more, to somehow ‘achieve’ this. But your piece has reminded me strongly that the path of limelight is fraught with difficulties, and should not be courted for itself. Build a relationship with God for Himself alone instead – and then walk whatever path he sets before you, faithfully and in integrity, before Him and before those closest around you. Thanks for this timely reminder which I’ve really received into my own spirit this morning. Nick Whittome @revnjw

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    • What an encouraging comment, thank you! There is so much bad news in this area at the moment. Yet there’s also so much good done on the quiet, in the small churches, where few people notice – that’s so much more important than the books and the conference speeches and so on. 🙂

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